Letter from Ken Livingstone, Member of the GLC for Paddington, Leader of the Council, to Mr. Cobbing, following consultation with the Head of Housing Services, in acknowledgement of recent correspondence (10/5/83 and 15/5/1983), and apologising for delay in responding, though pointing out that points are under consideration and that officers have visited Mr. Cobbing to further discuss particular housing needs. The letter confirms that Nos 252-262 Randolph Avenue are included in the Council’s rehabilitation programme, and while works are being carried out, tenants cannot be in occupation. The assertion is also made that no-one representing the Housing service may have said that this work was only external. It is assured that suitable accommodation will be found for Mr. and Mrs. Cobbing’s specialised printing and other equipment. A temporary move is not possible since the conversion of the basement will produce four-bedroom dwellings, Mr. & Mrs. Cobbing are acknowledged as two people. Head of Housing Services will be in touch.