Paddington Advice and Law Centre (reception) to Head of Housing Services, GLC, regarding proposed decanting of tenants from 262 Randolph Avenue, London W9, a 2 bedroom & 2 living room dwelling where they have been living since 1964. It sets out the couple’s professional status, making clear that much of the work carried out in the house is a (serious) hobby, from which no income is generated. The living situation is further described, with Mr. Cobbing’s mother having recently moved out of no. 262 and into a nursing home (at the expense of £100 a week, an expense adding to the need to take mother back in) since conflicts and tensions led to Ms Cobbing having a nervous breakdown. Visits in May and June 1983 advised the Cobbings of a move by July 1984, and alternative, nearby accommodation was discussed. Nothing further was heard until December 1983 when Ms. Cobbing phoned the GLC, only to find out from Ms. Fitzgibbon that the legal proceedings were in place relating to an alleged breach of tenancy by the Cobbings, whilst their use of the dwelling has not changed since 1964. This shock of this has been deleterious to Ms Cobbing’s health. Paddington Law and Advice Centre ask for clarification.