Draft of a letter from JP to GLC (“mrs F”) explaining the curt, legal and possibily threatening tone of the Paddington Advice and Law Centre (2/2/1984), and espressing the wish to be co-operative. Concluding that “the flat is our way of LIVING” various distinctions are made between descriptions of the living and (professional and non-professional) working situations of the author and her husband, most of which are made with no financial consideration. Which is all more bearable than having no knowledge of their future accommodation, and although the GLC might not acknowledge their artistic contributions, they might acknowledge what it must be like to live with the “hiatus”. Further psychological and spiritual explanation is given for discomfort, followed by reports of unannounced and impolite meetings with various officers. Explanation is then given for mother-in-law: since other members of the family pay for the nursing home, the reason for not having her back is not financial but to save them costs. However, the current situation has made this unthinkable (“my husband and his mother seem hell-bent on destroying each other for the best possible motives”), let alone consider a long term solution. (this letter is later described as “letter ‘A'”***)