Letter from Ken Livingstone, Member of the GLC for Paddington, Leader of the Council to Mrs. Cobbing, following consultation with the Head of Housing Services, in acknowledgement of recent correspondence (20/10/1983), and apologising for delay in accomplishing rehousing and vacation of the present flat by her and her husband, within the particular requirements of their live-work situation. It is also in acknowledgement of the urgency of this rehabilitation – since work is already underway with regard to tenants of adjoining houses. Suggestion is made for meeting between Mrs. Cobbing, her husband and the officers concerned, in order to ascertain what type of accommodation is needed to continue activities in conjunction with living accommodation.The letter goes on to report that two solutions brought forward in Mrs Cobbing’s previous correspondence have been deemed unsuitable by Head of Housing services. The Head of Housing Services will be in touch forthwith, and keep KL informed.