Plastic folder containing handwritten notes (in JP’s hand) pertaining to correspondence concerning re-housing of 1983/4. 1. Calculations of joint income and rent allowance; 2. Calculations of income from term’s (“8 weeks”) teaching?; 3. Notes of names and telephone numbers of GLC (incl. Mrs Kenny and Miss Fitzgibbon) employees; 4. What seem like notes to two letters, containing (recto) pros and cons of Ma returning to live with Bob & Jennifer, and (verso) notes describing the author’s mental and physical circumstances; 5. Contains the words “OUT OF DATE” 6. Presumed notes to letter ‘A’** describing the author’s mental and physical circumstances. 7. Subject headings radiate out from the the words “GLC rough headings” in centre of pages. 8. Christmas card “Merry Christmas, Don’t work too hard, love from David Sue and Chris [?]” covered on 3 sides with handwritten notes; 10. 4 pages of notes, mainly concerned with position of “Ma” in the re-housing; 11. Notes on business expenses; 12. Notes on professional situation and reason for writing to Ken Livingstone; 13.