Data gathered from VIEWING SESSION ENDELL STREET, 21st March 1964. Seven films are given average mark out of 10, and voted for/against recommendation to voter’s film society; brief analysis at bottom of sheet

Data and comments gathered from VIEWING SESSIONs at ENDELL STREET, (no chronology) 18th July 1964 (18 films viewed) handwritten data attached, 20th June 1964 (16 films) handwritten data attached, 8th June 1963 (6 films) , 12th October 1963 (5 films), 16th November 1963 (12 films) , 14th December 1963 (11 films) , 22nd February 1964 (9 films); inconsistent / evolving gleaning methods are used (“further modification still required for the stupid”).

Notes of comments and suggestions, taken in discussion at viewing session of 20th June 1964.

Handwritten data, presumedly from viewing session (after 18th June, since “Works of Calder” is present, yet noted as absent in N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/007); 33 films are listed from highest to lowest scoring.