Announcement: Acknowledgment of continued uncertainty around Cinema 65’s continuation following Better Books sale to Collins; December 1st, films by Eduardo Paolozzi; December 14th, two films by Kenneth Anger; annotation “Please let me know if any snag re: projector Thanks”

N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/025

Announcement: February 14th, animated films of Borowczyck, Lenica, Kuri; February 28th, films by Jonas & Adolfas Mekas and Richard Leacock

Announcement: 15th March, screening of “the unmentionable, the unspeakable, the unnameable – films by members”; 30th March, “Derek Hill on the short situation – short films of quality which have not yet found a distributor”

Announcement: “meetings” on May 4th (Kenneth Anger presenting five of his films) and May 25th (Bob Cobbing presenting recent “and not so recent” short films). Tickets for members and members’ guests ONLY.

Announcement (“change of plan”): May 25th and June 2nd (Jean Genet’s Un Chant D’Amour UK première, amongst other films); May 26th “visit” of Morton Feldman to “speak on the American scene – painting music films and other happenings”; subscriptions now due.

Announcement: September 24th, screening of films by Andrew Mayer: “1 x 1”, “Match Girl” and “An early clue to the new direction”. Handwritten note added: “Sorry about short notice can you (& the projector manage this? Bob”)

Announcement: Cinema 65s merge with the “newly formed London film-makers co-operative”; members’ rights; the forthcoming SPONTANEOUS FESTIVAL OF UNDERGROUND FILMS; membership cards availability; new telephone number