A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor)’s drawing of “incidental alterations to Basement floor to be used as arts centre. Sketch adapted for the JP Application”

Specification of work, signed by A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor), to be carried out on premises of 80 Long Acre, “proposed by R.W. Cobbing Esq.” 32 detailed points.

Copy of N156NT/1967/Boooooks/020

Report by A.M. Zablocki to R. W. Cobbing Esq.: of drawings given to “Mr. Fish” at Cluttons, in time for posting his report to Mercers. The latter also agreed that certain works can be carried out without license, “in the category of of repairs.” Attached are letter of approval (1/25/1968) for drainwork from City of Westminster, and copy of memo (1/26/1968) submitting drawings showing shop’s alterations to The Superintending Architect to the GLC, Building Regulations Division.

Drawings, signed by A.M. Zablocki, mentioned in N156NT/1967/Boooooks/019