Letter from Bob Cobbing (?) to “Mr. Spagnoletti” informing him of the proposed use of ground floor (“bookshop”) and basement (“art gallery and arts centre run on membership basis to promote the sale of books on contemporary arts”); specifying architectural alterations needed to accommodate this; and supplying information of the professional activites of the three partners (BC, JC, JP).

“a peal”, signed by Bob Cobbing, John Collins, Bill Maclellan, Jennifer Pike soliciting memberships and donations to Boooooks, and the new premises’ building alterations and decorating.

Copy of N156NT/1967/Boooooks/001, with the letters T, O, G, E, T, H, E, R added in black marker, across the page in a chevron formation (pointing left).

Leaflet containing information about Boooooks (“bookshop gallery eventure room”), map, various membership schemes, and subscription form.

Leaflet containing information on membership of “BOOOOOKS Eventure Club”, and subscription form. Two pages, photocopied on green paper are glued verso, containining pp 28 and 17 of unknown book.

Measurements on drawings of two floors of 80 Long Acre

A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor)’s drawing of “incidental alterations to Basement floor to be used as arts centre. Sketch adapted for the JP Application”

Letter from E. A. Shaw & Partners (Chartered Auctioneers & Estate Agents. Surveyors and Valuers) to J. B. Collins, Esq., that, on receiving “Planning Consent”, permission to use basement as “Art Gallery” will be given. Lease will be restricted to this use and “Art Gallery” will be assumed to cover all activities there.

Letter from E. A. Shaw & Partners (Chartered Auctioneers & Estate Agents. Surveyors and Valuers) to J. B. Collins, Esq. Acknowledging the sending of letter to and from Westminster City Council, and clarification of the “position of user” of 80 Long Acre WC2. Awaiting reply of conditions sent in letter of October 9th, in order to proceed.

Letter from Bob Cobbing to Studio Vista. Address crossed through, “MAI 8565” written above. Request for books by Laurie Lee and Danny Abse, following request of London Poetry Secretariat and the Greater London Arts Ass. for Boooooks to run a bookstall at their forum on poetry, Nov. 26th 1967.

Letter from Rapp & Carroll Ltd. asking BC if he would display Rapp & Carroll’s books at the Greater London Arts Ass.’ Forum on Poetry. And if so, how to proceed.

“The Companies Act, 1948. Company Limited by Shares. Memorandum and Articles of Association of Boooooks and Eventures Limited” No. 922340. “Share capital of the company is £100 divided into 100 shares of £1 each” Signed by Jennifer Pike and Robert Walter Cobbing.

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor), informing “R.W. Cobbing, Esq.” of the incorporation of Boooooks and Eventures Limited; the expected printing of copies of the “Memoranda” and “Articles of Associations”; sending of “Certificate of Incoporation” to the bank; and note of firm’s charges for the above matter.

Invoice 1151 from Copyrun Ltd.to Boooooks, stapled to one examples. Printing 500 copies of collage on card, with words “kurrirrurriri” “bob cobbing” “wfq4” reversed out and printed in black. “3/6D” in bottom right corner.

Invoice 1175 from Copyrun Ltd.to Boooooks, stapled to two examples. Printing 500 copies of letterhead on paper, of “writers forum 80 long acre london wc2”; 500 copies of collage, repeating and mirroring the typed words “ARE YOUR CHILDREN”

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor) to R. W. Cobbing, Esq. Confirming the “engrossing” of the lease for signature, following telephone conversation with BC; and informing of landlords’ solicitors’ request to supply more detailed specifications for alterations. Sender has informed landlords’ solicitors that these will be “in their hands very shortly”.

Request by John Basset Collins and Jennifer Pike to The Manager, Lloyds Bank, with enclosed “completed authority and a copy of the Company’s Memorandum and Articles” to transfer the balance of BOOOOOKS account to a new account in the name of BOOOOOKS AND EVENTURES LTD.

Letter from BC to A.M. Zablocki dispensing with the services of the addressee, since “completed [architectural?] plans and specifications” – promised before Christmas, and again in the week prior to writing – had not been ready for meeting with the lessor’s solicitors. Unable to sign lease.

H.T. Cadbury Brown & Partners’ architectural floor plans for 80 Long Acre, basement and ground floor.

Specification of work, signed by A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor), to be carried out on premises of 80 Long Acre, “proposed by R.W. Cobbing Esq.” 32 detailed points.

Copy of N156NT/1967/Boooooks/020

Report by A.M. Zablocki to R. W. Cobbing Esq.: of drawings given to “Mr. Fish” at Cluttons, in time for posting his report to Mercers. The latter also agreed that certain works can be carried out without license, “in the category of of repairs.” Attached are letter of approval (1/25/1968) for drainwork from City of Westminster, and copy of memo (1/26/1968) submitting drawings showing shop’s alterations to The Superintending Architect to the GLC, Building Regulations Division.

Drawings, signed by A.M. Zablocki, mentioned in N156NT/1967/Boooooks/019

Letter from H.T. Cadbury Brown & Partners to R. Cobbins Esq., expressing disappoinment on learning that work will not proceed; offering help in supplying prints of drawings. Statement of fees for “abandoned work” attached.

Writers Forum’s (signed Bob Cobbing) Application (via Association of Little Presses) to Arts Council for financial aid, specifying 1. Details of previous publications by the press; 2. Details of other activities; 3. Financial statement relating to 1. & 2. (making loss of £250); 4. Forecast of future publications/ activities in 1969; 5. Forecast of expenditure and losses in same year; 6. Amount applied for (£250, to assist a. payments to authors, b. overhaul and renewal of equipment, c. realisation of “major projects”, decribed in 4.).

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor) informing “Mr. Cobbing” of the landlords’ solicitors “not to procced with the lease” – according to the wishes of their clients – following the “recent deplorable episode at the premises”; and despite Trevor’s endeavours “to mollify them”. Instructions for the latters clients to return keys and remove any deposited effects.

Letter from Bircham & Co. informing Messrs. Trevor Reid & Co. that their clients have still not removed their effects nor returned keys to 80 Long Acre, and are continuing to work on the premises. If addresses clients proceed, locks will be changed.

Notes (BC?) of remarks pertaining to pps 2–7 of lease (?). Possibly relating to telephone conversation noted in N156NT/1967/Boooooks/013

Explanatory note of JP concerning Boooooks history. [“TYPE OUT!”] “Planners; owners; promoters; forground & background workers; B & J Cobb; & John Collins —- Sadly, after re-decoration had begun to agreement; but before lease had been signed JC had got carried away and invited an audience he was with back to the shop & have a drink: but it turned into quite a noisy party. Residents above & next door complained to police; & our lease was fore-closed […] denied further negotiations. End of “Boooooks & Eventures”.