Long-form analysis of voting sheets used at the Erith conference, 22nd sept 1963, with regard to 11 selected films. Three votes were taken: whether the films were suitable for National Viewing Sessions, the delegates own societies, and personal reaction; the analysis is mainly ‘concerned’ the future of film societies when “Boulevard” does so well and “Desistfilm” so badly. Annotation reads “Philip Crick is happy to print this (with any suitable revision which you care to make)”

“A STUDY OF TASTE” by John Rowan. 3rd corrected draft (most probably following revisions by JC) of N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/002. Long-form report of viewing session showing 11 films, “used to explore different aspects of the taste of film society committee members.” Eventually published in MONTAGE no. 13, Winter 1964–65.

Announcement: “Programme Seven: Work in Progress” October 30 and 31st, screening of work by members; reading by John Rowan of “Little Giants of Cinema”; ensuing conversation intended for feature in forthcoming magazine (“provisionally entitled THE NOISY RECTANGLE”)