Announcement: June 24th screening of 4 films by Kenneth Anger for MEMBERS ONLY; notification of plans and meeting on future policy [“a step towards the FILM STUDY CENTRE” written in margin; outlines of costs and conditions of membership

Duplicate of N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/018, with form still intact

Announcement: Four programmes: 1. Four films by Kenneth Anger; 2 & 3. September 2nd and 7th: more than 20 films by Norman McLaren; 4. September 30th, films by members of the Gryphon Group. MEMBERS ONLY; meeting, August 25th, for those interested in writing / production of film magazine; films by members, call for submissions

“A probably incomplete filmography” of Norman McLaren; accompanying screenings mentioned in N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/020

Announcement: Acknowledgment of continued uncertainty around Cinema 65’s continuation following Better Books sale to Collins; December 1st, films by Eduardo Paolozzi; December 14th, two films by Kenneth Anger; annotation “Please let me know if any snag re: projector Thanks”

Announcement: “meetings” on May 4th (Kenneth Anger presenting five of his films) and May 25th (Bob Cobbing presenting recent “and not so recent” short films). Tickets for members and members’ guests ONLY.