Announcement: “CINEMA 61” at Finchley Public Libraries, in association with Arts Together. Programme of films by Roman Kroiter, Herman van der Horst, James Hill, Michael Grigsby, David Andrews & Tamara Hichco; forthcoming film programme: May 30th and music programme: May 22nd, POETRY IN THE OPEN AIR: June & July.

Draft report of London Regional Group’s AGM, late Junuary 1964; falling attendance noted; discussion concerning the future of MONTAGE, the Group’s magazine; new election of officers; followed by screening of Fellini’s IL BIDONE.

Data gathered from VIEWING SESSION ENDELL STREET, 21st March 1964. Seven films are given average mark out of 10, and voted for/against recommendation to voter’s film society; brief analysis at bottom of sheet

Data and comments gathered from VIEWING SESSIONs at ENDELL STREET, (no chronology) 18th July 1964 (18 films viewed) handwritten data attached, 20th June 1964 (16 films) handwritten data attached, 8th June 1963 (6 films) , 12th October 1963 (5 films), 16th November 1963 (12 films) , 14th December 1963 (11 films) , 22nd February 1964 (9 films); inconsistent / evolving gleaning methods are used (“further modification still required for the stupid”).

Notes of comments and suggestions, taken in discussion at viewing session of 20th June 1964.

Handwritten data, presumedly from viewing session (after 18th June, since “Works of Calder” is present, yet noted as absent in N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/007); 33 films are listed from highest to lowest scoring.

Announcement: “THE LIVELY ARTS” at North Finchley Library, including CINEMA 61 Film Society, Thursday evening programme from January 21st till March 25th; including film, jazz, visual and writers’ workshops, poetry and lectures; membership slip at bottom. Handwritten notes on back regarding schools in the area, and their contacts.

Announcement: June 24th screening of 4 films by Kenneth Anger for MEMBERS ONLY; notification of plans and meeting on future policy [“a step towards the FILM STUDY CENTRE” written in margin; outlines of costs and conditions of membership

Duplicate of N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/018, with form still intact

Announcement: Four programmes: 1. Four films by Kenneth Anger; 2 & 3. September 2nd and 7th: more than 20 films by Norman McLaren; 4. September 30th, films by members of the Gryphon Group. MEMBERS ONLY; meeting, August 25th, for those interested in writing / production of film magazine; films by members, call for submissions

“A probably incomplete filmography” of Norman McLaren; accompanying screenings mentioned in N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/020

Announcement: “Additional Programme” September 18th, films by Richard Preston; September 30th, Gryphon Programme; MEMBERS ONLY; Session of members’ films brought forward to September 19th; submission of articles for magazine by September 30th; magazine meeting October 14th

Announcement: “Programme Six”: William Burroughs will be present for two screenings of Towers Open Fire (Anthony Balch on Burroughs) October 12th; and as part of larger programme. MEMBERS ONLY  

Announcement: “Programme Seven: Work in Progress” October 30 and 31st, screening of work by members; reading by John Rowan of “Little Giants of Cinema”; ensuing conversation intended for feature in forthcoming magazine (“provisionally entitled THE NOISY RECTANGLE”)

Announcement: Acknowledgment of continued uncertainty around Cinema 65’s continuation following Better Books sale to Collins; December 1st, films by Eduardo Paolozzi; December 14th, two films by Kenneth Anger; annotation “Please let me know if any snag re: projector Thanks”

N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/025

Announcement: February 14th, animated films of Borowczyck, Lenica, Kuri; February 28th, films by Jonas & Adolfas Mekas and Richard Leacock

Announcement: 15th March, screening of “the unmentionable, the unspeakable, the unnameable – films by members”; 30th March, “Derek Hill on the short situation – short films of quality which have not yet found a distributor”

Announcement: “meetings” on May 4th (Kenneth Anger presenting five of his films) and May 25th (Bob Cobbing presenting recent “and not so recent” short films). Tickets for members and members’ guests ONLY.

Announcement (“change of plan”): May 25th and June 2nd (Jean Genet’s Un Chant D’Amour UK première, amongst other films); May 26th “visit” of Morton Feldman to “speak on the American scene – painting music films and other happenings”; subscriptions now due.

Announcement: September 24th, screening of films by Andrew Mayer: “1 x 1”, “Match Girl” and “An early clue to the new direction”. Handwritten note added: “Sorry about short notice can you (& the projector manage this? Bob”)

Announcement: Cinema 65s merge with the “newly formed London film-makers co-operative”; members’ rights; the forthcoming SPONTANEOUS FESTIVAL OF UNDERGROUND FILMS; membership cards availability; new telephone number

Letter from Bob Cobbing (?) to “Mr. Spagnoletti” informing him of the proposed use of ground floor (“bookshop”) and basement (“art gallery and arts centre run on membership basis to promote the sale of books on contemporary arts”); specifying architectural alterations needed to accommodate this; and supplying information of the professional activites of the three partners (BC, JC, JP).

“a peal”, signed by Bob Cobbing, John Collins, Bill Maclellan, Jennifer Pike soliciting memberships and donations to Boooooks, and the new premises’ building alterations and decorating.

Copy of N156NT/1967/Boooooks/001, with the letters T, O, G, E, T, H, E, R added in black marker, across the page in a chevron formation (pointing left).

Leaflet containing information about Boooooks (“bookshop gallery eventure room”), map, various membership schemes, and subscription form.

Leaflet containing information on membership of “BOOOOOKS Eventure Club”, and subscription form. Two pages, photocopied on green paper are glued verso, containining pp 28 and 17 of unknown book.

A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor)’s drawing of “incidental alterations to Basement floor to be used as arts centre. Sketch adapted for the JP Application”

Letter from E. A. Shaw & Partners (Chartered Auctioneers & Estate Agents. Surveyors and Valuers) to J. B. Collins, Esq., that, on receiving “Planning Consent”, permission to use basement as “Art Gallery” will be given. Lease will be restricted to this use and “Art Gallery” will be assumed to cover all activities there.

Letter from E. A. Shaw & Partners (Chartered Auctioneers & Estate Agents. Surveyors and Valuers) to J. B. Collins, Esq. Acknowledging the sending of letter to and from Westminster City Council, and clarification of the “position of user” of 80 Long Acre WC2. Awaiting reply of conditions sent in letter of October 9th, in order to proceed.

Letter from Bob Cobbing to Studio Vista. Address crossed through, “MAI 8565” written above. Request for books by Laurie Lee and Danny Abse, following request of London Poetry Secretariat and the Greater London Arts Ass. for Boooooks to run a bookstall at their forum on poetry, Nov. 26th 1967.

Letter from Rapp & Carroll Ltd. asking BC if he would display Rapp & Carroll’s books at the Greater London Arts Ass.’ Forum on Poetry. And if so, how to proceed.

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor), informing “R.W. Cobbing, Esq.” of the incorporation of Boooooks and Eventures Limited; the expected printing of copies of the “Memoranda” and “Articles of Associations”; sending of “Certificate of Incoporation” to the bank; and note of firm’s charges for the above matter.

Invoice 1151 from Copyrun Boooooks, stapled to one examples. Printing 500 copies of collage on card, with words “kurrirrurriri” “bob cobbing” “wfq4” reversed out and printed in black. “3/6D” in bottom right corner.

Invoice 1175 from Copyrun Boooooks, stapled to two examples. Printing 500 copies of letterhead on paper, of “writers forum 80 long acre london wc2”; 500 copies of collage, repeating and mirroring the typed words “ARE YOUR CHILDREN”

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor) to R. W. Cobbing, Esq. Confirming the “engrossing” of the lease for signature, following telephone conversation with BC; and informing of landlords’ solicitors’ request to supply more detailed specifications for alterations. Sender has informed landlords’ solicitors that these will be “in their hands very shortly”.

Request by John Basset Collins and Jennifer Pike to The Manager, Lloyds Bank, with enclosed “completed authority and a copy of the Company’s Memorandum and Articles” to transfer the balance of BOOOOOKS account to a new account in the name of BOOOOOKS AND EVENTURES LTD.

Letter from BC to A.M. Zablocki dispensing with the services of the addressee, since “completed [architectural?] plans and specifications” – promised before Christmas, and again in the week prior to writing – had not been ready for meeting with the lessor’s solicitors. Unable to sign lease.

H.T. Cadbury Brown & Partners’ architectural floor plans for 80 Long Acre, basement and ground floor.

Specification of work, signed by A.M. Zablocki (Surveyor), to be carried out on premises of 80 Long Acre, “proposed by R.W. Cobbing Esq.” 32 detailed points.

Copy of N156NT/1967/Boooooks/020

Report by A.M. Zablocki to R. W. Cobbing Esq.: of drawings given to “Mr. Fish” at Cluttons, in time for posting his report to Mercers. The latter also agreed that certain works can be carried out without license, “in the category of of repairs.” Attached are letter of approval (1/25/1968) for drainwork from City of Westminster, and copy of memo (1/26/1968) submitting drawings showing shop’s alterations to The Superintending Architect to the GLC, Building Regulations Division.

Drawings, signed by A.M. Zablocki, mentioned in N156NT/1967/Boooooks/019

Letter from H.T. Cadbury Brown & Partners to R. Cobbins Esq., expressing disappoinment on learning that work will not proceed; offering help in supplying prints of drawings. Statement of fees for “abandoned work” attached.

Writers Forum’s (signed Bob Cobbing) Application (via Association of Little Presses) to Arts Council for financial aid, specifying 1. Details of previous publications by the press; 2. Details of other activities; 3. Financial statement relating to 1. & 2. (making loss of £250); 4. Forecast of future publications/ activities in 1969; 5. Forecast of expenditure and losses in same year; 6. Amount applied for (£250, to assist a. payments to authors, b. overhaul and renewal of equipment, c. realisation of “major projects”, decribed in 4.).

Letter from Trevor, Reid & Co., Solicitors (V. P. Trevor) informing “Mr. Cobbing” of the landlords’ solicitors “not to procced with the lease” – according to the wishes of their clients – following the “recent deplorable episode at the premises”; and despite Trevor’s endeavours “to mollify them”. Instructions for the latters clients to return keys and remove any deposited effects.

Notes (BC?) of remarks pertaining to pps 2–7 of lease (?). Possibly relating to telephone conversation noted in N156NT/1967/Boooooks/013

Explanatory note of JP concerning Boooooks history. [“TYPE OUT!”] “Planners; owners; promoters; forground & background workers; B & J Cobb; & John Collins —- Sadly, after re-decoration had begun to agreement; but before lease had been signed JC had got carried away and invited an audience he was with back to the shop & have a drink: but it turned into quite a noisy party. Residents above & next door complained to police; & our lease was fore-closed […] denied further negotiations. End of “Boooooks & Eventures”.

Letter from GLC, Head of Housing Services, B.R.Steele, MA DPhil, County Hall (HG/L/DO), to MR R COBBING, 262 RANDOLPH AVENUE LONDON W9 (Housing reference No. L/A11020958) informing tenants of their registration for alternative accommodation, and inviting them to update the council of circumstances and wishes. Tenants are advised to register with “Mutual Exchange Bureau.”

Letter to B.R.Steele, from R W Cobbing, in response to letter of N156NT/1983/GLC/001, stating no wish for the proposed alternative accommodation, and setting out history of renovation and re-housing since 1981. Proposal is made to vacate specific parts of the premises where interior renovation might be needed.

Unsent (?) letter from JP to GLC (“Mrs Fitsgibbon”). Mention is made of JP’s kiln (the suggested “fire-hazard”), necessary and “considerably safer than open domestic fire”. This letter ends abruptly and based on evidence of N156NT/1983/GLC/005, it was probably unsent (subsequent letters speak of numerous unfinished attempts – hence the representation by Paddington Advice and Law).

Copy of N156NT/1983/GLC/004 Abrupt end is continued by hand.

Copy of N156NT/1983/GLC/004

Copy N156NT/1983/GLC/004

Letter from BC/JP to GLC. Addition to letter of N156NT/1983/GLC/002 and wife’s letter, “enclosed” (not present) explaining the three organisations for which 262 Randolph Ave. acts as headquarters, receiving letters, calls and callers (3500) every year. Said organisations are recorded in many international reference books, and a move would necessitate innumerable corrections to these – minimised by a move to a building in the same street. Typed sheet (and cc.) adds to this, her husbands note that all work for the organisations mentioned is voluntary.

Letter from JP to GLC setting out the various reasons for the reluctance to move from 262 Randolph Avenue (unanswered letter referred to in **?). Explaining the couple’s age and (lack of distinction between) living and working situations, and the need to do both in the same space, in particular: the inability to be allocated less space. Suggestions are made for alternative spatial situations. Particular note is made at end of the construction of bed/ book-shelf unit in relation to current house’s structure – in response to visit by a “Mr. Levy”.

cc. of N156NT/1983/GLC/009

Letter from Ken Livingstone, Member of the GLC for Paddington, Leader of the Council, to Mr. Cobbing, following consultation with the Head of Housing Services, in acknowledgement of recent correspondence (10/5/83 and 15/5/1983), and apologising for delay in responding, though pointing out that points are under consideration and that officers have visited Mr. Cobbing to further discuss particular housing needs. The letter confirms that Nos 252-262 Randolph Avenue are included in the Council’s rehabilitation programme, and while works are being carried out, tenants cannot be in occupation. The assertion is also made that no-one representing the Housing service may have said that this work was only external. It is assured that suitable accommodation will be found for Mr. and Mrs. Cobbing’s specialised printing and other equipment. A temporary move is not possible since the conversion of the basement will produce four-bedroom dwellings, Mr. & Mrs. Cobbing are acknowledged as two people. Head of Housing Services will be in touch.

Note pp. Ken Livingstone, Member of the GLC for Paddington, Leader of the Council, to Mr. & Mrs. R. Cobbing, in acknowledgement of recent correspondence, and that the author has started making enquiries and will report outcomes as soon as possible.

Annotation by JP to GLC (“Mrs Fitsgibbon”, corrected by hand) describing this as cover letter to letter of 27/3/84 of Paddington Advice and Law Centre. Short letter summarising points made in previous draft (?) to GLC ***

From JP to GLC, “Mrs Fitsbibbon” cc. of N156NT/1983/GLC/013

Paddington Advice and Law Centre (reception) to Head of Housing Services, GLC, regarding proposed decanting of tenants from 262 Randolph Avenue, London W9, a 2 bedroom & 2 living room dwelling where they have been living since 1964. It sets out the couple’s professional status, making clear that much of the work carried out in the house is a (serious) hobby, from which no income is generated. The living situation is further described, with Mr. Cobbing’s mother having recently moved out of no. 262 and into a nursing home (at the expense of £100 a week, an expense adding to the need to take mother back in) since conflicts and tensions led to Ms Cobbing having a nervous breakdown. Visits in May and June 1983 advised the Cobbings of a move by July 1984, and alternative, nearby accommodation was discussed. Nothing further was heard until December 1983 when Ms. Cobbing phoned the GLC, only to find out from Ms. Fitzgibbon that the legal proceedings were in place relating to an alleged breach of tenancy by the Cobbings, whilst their use of the dwelling has not changed since 1964. This shock of this has been deleterious to Ms Cobbing’s health. Paddington Law and Advice Centre ask for clarification.

Paddington Advice and Law Centre (reception) to Head of Housing Services, GLC. Correction of draft N156NT/1983/GLC/015

Draft of a letter from JP to GLC (“mrs F”) explaining the curt, legal and possibily threatening tone of the Paddington Advice and Law Centre (2/2/1984), and espressing the wish to be co-operative. Concluding that “the flat is our way of LIVING” various distinctions are made between descriptions of the living and (professional and non-professional) working situations of the author and her husband, most of which are made with no financial consideration. Which is all more bearable than having no knowledge of their future accommodation, and although the GLC might not acknowledge their artistic contributions, they might acknowledge what it must be like to live with the “hiatus”. Further psychological and spiritual explanation is given for discomfort, followed by reports of unannounced and impolite meetings with various officers. Explanation is then given for mother-in-law: since other members of the family pay for the nursing home, the reason for not having her back is not financial but to save them costs. However, the current situation has made this unthinkable (“my husband and his mother seem hell-bent on destroying each other for the best possible motives”), let alone consider a long term solution. (this letter is later described as “letter ‘A'”***)

Letter from Ken Livingstone, Member of the GLC for Paddington, Leader of the Council to Mrs. Cobbing, following consultation with the Head of Housing Services, in acknowledgement of recent correspondence (20/10/1983), and apologising for delay in accomplishing rehousing and vacation of the present flat by her and her husband, within the particular requirements of their live-work situation. It is also in acknowledgement of the urgency of this rehabilitation – since work is already underway with regard to tenants of adjoining houses. Suggestion is made for meeting between Mrs. Cobbing, her husband and the officers concerned, in order to ascertain what type of accommodation is needed to continue activities in conjunction with living accommodation.The letter goes on to report that two solutions brought forward in Mrs Cobbing’s previous correspondence have been deemed unsuitable by Head of Housing services. The Head of Housing Services will be in touch forthwith, and keep KL informed.

photocopy of N156NT/1983/GLC/020

photocopy of N156NT/1983/GLC/020

Letter from JP to “Mr Livingstone” re: N156NT/1983/GLC/020, expressing willingness to attend meeting to answer questions concerning the use of present accommodation. The letter goes on to state that their “LIVES”, not “livelihood” are threatened, and attempts to explain their non-commercial “‘way of Living'”.

Letter from GLC, Housing Dept., Head of Housing Services, B R Steele MA PhD (Miss P.M. Fitzgibbon) to Paddington Advice and Law Centre. It has been noted that Mr and Mrs Cobbings’ craft hobbies have expanded to beyond ordinary residential use, presenting problems for the present and future accommodations, as well as a possible fire hazard (caused by presence of kiln, as understood from subsequent correspondence). These effects on the conditions of tenancy were pointed out in conversation between the author and Mrs Cobbing. No mention of consulting solicitors regarding “breach of tenancy” was made. The couple’s anxieties are understood, and that the proposed meeting might resolve these.

London Property Register, Small Workspace Allocation. List of premises (and contacts) suitable for wokshops, studios etc. Published by GLC, Industry and Employment Branch.

Letter from GLC, Housing Dept., Head of Housing Services, B R Steele MA PhD (Mrs. B. S. Kenny) to Mr. and Mrs Cobbing, summarising the meeting of 4/12/1984, and its possible outcomes. Maisonette (lower and gd floors, Highbury, N5) is offered. It is recommended that Mr. & Mrs Cobbing visit, if only to as indication of the most desirable propert that might be offered to them.

Standard letter pp. GLC, Valuation and Estates Dept., Director P.W.J. Leigh FRICS informing of lack of suitable premises at present. Notes on rear of telephone and reference of Mike Dodsworth of GLC, Valuation and Estates Dept

Addition to letter of 5/10/1983 (to GLC, Housing Dept., Head of Housing Services, B R Steele MA PhD (Mrs. B. S. Kenny)) and wife’s letter, “enclosed” (not present) explaining the three organisations for which 262 Randolph Ave. acts as headquarters, receiving letters, calls and callers (3500) every year. Said organisations are recorded in many international reference books, and a move would necessitate innumerable corrections to these – minimised by a move to a building in the same street. Typed sheet (and cc.) adds to this, her husbands note that all work for the organisations mentioned is voluntary.

Letter from British Telecom to Mr. RW Cobbing, in acknowledgement of application for telecommunication service at 89a Petherton Road, London N5 2QT, no. 01–226 2657

Photocopy of 3 payment advice slips from I.L.E.A. to Miss J Pike (dated 4/12/1984 – £294.12 net for 36hrs, 4/26/1984 – £881.52 net for 96hrs, 6/7/1984 – £194.40 net for 1hr)

Powers Available to the Council under the Inner Urban Areas Act 1978, Appendix I, Sections 2 – 11 list loans and/or grants given with regard to renovation and regeneration of “improvement areas”.

cc. of letter “NOT for reading” from JP to therapist (?), yet expanding on (recipient’s response to) previous typed letter/ draft (N156NT/1983/GLC/004) that medical aspects it mentions need not be used in negotiation with GLC. Goes on to speak of problems caused with (brother in law) Ken regarding the mention to GLC of the family’s payment of mother-in-law (“Ma”)’s nursing home costs.

Plastic folder containing handwritten notes (in JP’s hand) pertaining to correspondence concerning re-housing of 1983/4. 1. Calculations of joint income and rent allowance; 2. Calculations of income from term’s (“8 weeks”) teaching?; 3. Notes of names and telephone numbers of GLC (incl. Mrs Kenny and Miss Fitzgibbon) employees; 4. What seem like notes to two letters, containing (recto) pros and cons of Ma returning to live with Bob & Jennifer, and (verso) notes describing the author’s mental and physical circumstances; 5. Contains the words “OUT OF DATE” 6. Presumed notes to letter ‘A’** describing the author’s mental and physical circumstances. 7. Subject headings radiate out from the the words “GLC rough headings” in centre of pages. 8. Christmas card “Merry Christmas, Don’t work too hard, love from David Sue and Chris [?]” covered on 3 sides with handwritten notes; 10. 4 pages of notes, mainly concerned with position of “Ma” in the re-housing; 11. Notes on business expenses; 12. Notes on professional situation and reason for writing to Ken Livingstone; 13.