Letter from John B. Collins to Philip Crick, Esq. Following the latter’s suggestion of a “regional repetory cinema” at recent “Federation [of Film Societies}” meeting. Following consultation, it is concluded that people will not wish to travel more than four or five miles to see a film; the importance of co-operation between film societies and schools is expressed (“I don’t want to see a minority ‘cult’ watching ‘art films’ […] I want our members to learn to like RIO BRAVO rather than learn to like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN [and to] see for themselves why RIO BRAVO is a better film than STRANGE INCIDENT”); invitation to give talk on Kurosawa after next meeting and screening of TORA NO O; further elaboration on the existence and necessary re-orientation of film societies and their (“predominantly middle-class […] alienated”) audience […] concluding that [Film Societies] concentrate on films with complex scripts and foreign dialogue”; the general public should appreciate good films in ordinary cinemas; for the following Fedration AGM, two proposals will be submitted: 1. a survey of the value and function of Member Societies as first stage of re-orientation and 2. an investigation of the location of grants or subsidies.

Letter from Philip Crick to Mr. Collins. Given Guilford as a central repertory cinema [“linked to the municipality and the film society”], and “an age where so many have cars” ten or 15 miles might be travelled to see a film; the impact of television might spell a shift in demand in “ordinary cinemas”, which might then restructure to project “intelligent cinema” in a place where people can “meet, eat, drink, talk, discuss, ideally.”; the Federation must be prodded further than being content with “hard-seat-church-hall-coffee-at-sixpence-a-time-culture”; Collins’ two proposals are part of five that will be pushed “from the floor” at the next AGM; the motives of membership forming a necessary “hard-core” are discussed at length.

Letter from John Collins to Philip Crick, Esq, thanking him for his notes about the National Film Study Centre; practically: no Centre without a Premises in place/ no funding without a Centre already in place; five thoughts on the Premises: 1. should be subscription-based, 2. not only open during working hours; 3. description of physical make-up 4. centrally located, 5. hiring of Premises also possible; request for a specimen of titles to be screened; further comments to points made by Crick, including the take-over of Federations “FILM” magazine; the centre could act as mediator between various film organisations; closing comments on a selection of films not/worthy of screening.

Circular from Philip Crick declaring a meeting at BETTERBOOKS, on August 25th, of those who have shown interest in a magazine associated with Cinema 65; submissions welcome.

Letter from John Collins to Philip Crick, Esq, organising “Guildford projector” for Gryphon Films screening; various travel options added by hand in green ink; inquiring after progress with BONHEUR.

Circular from Philip Crick declaring a meeting at BETTERBOOKZ paperback dept, on October 14th, of those who are directly concerned with the magazine associated with CINEMA 65; submissions still welcome; annotation, inquiring after progress with Le Bonheur.