N156NT/1965/Cinema 65/010

Letter from John B. Collins to Philip Crick, Esq. Following the latter’s suggestion of a “regional repetory cinema” at recent “Federation [of Film Societies}” meeting. Following consultation, it is concluded that people will not wish to travel more than four or five miles to see a film; the importance of co-operation between film societies and schools is expressed (“I don’t want to see a minority ‘cult’ watching ‘art films’ […] I want our members to learn to like RIO BRAVO rather than learn to like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN [and to] see for themselves why RIO BRAVO is a better film than STRANGE INCIDENT”); invitation to give talk on Kurosawa after next meeting and screening of TORA NO O; further elaboration on the existence and necessary re-orientation of film societies and their (“predominantly middle-class […] alienated”) audience […] concluding that [Film Societies] concentrate on films with complex scripts and foreign dialogue”; the general public should appreciate good films in ordinary cinemas; for the following Fedration AGM, two proposals will be submitted: 1. a survey of the value and function of Member Societies as first stage of re-orientation and 2. an investigation of the location of grants or subsidies.